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2 thoughts on “Reader Comments

  1. Been reading your blog for years and love your stuff. You make be laugh out loud. Some of your writing is serious which I find to be very insightful. Please keep writing as we need both humor and insight.

  2. These comments are copied from my LinkedIn profile page.

    “Michelle is the collaborator we all seek and rarely find: she knows exactly what she wants and needs, follows through on every commitment, is creative, compassionate, and so sarcastic she can take the skin off your bones in 140 characters or less.” November 22, 2011

    1st Sandra de Helen, Managing Editor, A1 Editing Services

    “Whenever I want to prep a piece for market, it is to Michelle that I turn. She is meticulous; she has caught errors that have passed by multiple eyes. She understands the artist’s voice, and nurtures it, while having a keen eye and ear for the commercial market, and works above and beyond to help her clients deliver the best package possible. Run, do not walk, to Michelle. Your script will thank you. Mine have.” July 14, 2011

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

    Anne Lower, hired Michelle as a Writer/Editor in 2011, and hired Michelle more than once

    “Michelle adds a clear, smart, unique voice to our website. Reelgrok would be a far lesser site without her consistent nagging, whining, wonderful vision and wisdom. Michelle’s writing is part of my daily must-read material and that’s no small place of honor.” July 14, 2011

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

    Norman C. Berns, hired Michelle as a Writer/Editor in 2007-2011

    “Michelle is an energetic, experienced and dynamic personality. She brings a multitude of talents and wisdom to projects and is an absolute pleasure to work with. A real straight-shooter, I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Michelle again.” October 29, 2007

    Shawn Shelton

    “Michelle, you are fantastic. What a blessing to have worked with such an enthusiastic and motivational person!” March 8, 2006

    David Hallman

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