Oh, You Wanted a Real CV…No Such Luck

About the author

Michelle likes to talk about herself in the third person; she thinks it makes her seem more important.

Michelle is a screenwriter, poet, film blogger, book editor and stand-up comic, mainly because she can’t keep a straight job.

She’s been fired from almost every job she ever had, beginning with babysitting, when she conked her young charge on the head, trying to impress the kid with a fancy acrobatic stunt.  She was fired from Howdy Beefburgers, envelope stuffing,   vending machine assembly, selling software, designing software, teaching remedial traffic school, e-commerce, electronic engineering, washing dishes, linguistic parsing, building web sites and tool & die making. That is the stuff of stand-up comedy: if you can’t laugh at that litany, then you’re in trouble.  Therefore, Michelle became a   comedian, because laughing is as good as crying.

Each of her three books of snarky haiku,  SnarkyKu, DogKu, CatKu and WhatHaveU and PoliticKu has a 5-star rating on Amazon.com.

She is ranked 91% in retweets for her Twitter handle @MichelleShy.

Her screenplay “Service Dogs” gained national recognition in American Gem Screenplay Competition and Script Nurse Screenplay Competition.  Michelle has co-produced or consulted on nine other independent films which have won awards at Filmerica and several smaller film festivals, including an international children’s festival in Brazil.

Since 2008 Michelle has been writing “Balancing Act,” a weekly filmmaking column called for Reel Grok.  Reel Grok was named by Movie Maker Magazine as one of the top film sites.  She writes a weekly column for Reel Life With Jane, a site that receives 20,000,000 visits per year.  She is a former reporter for Cinema Minima, edited “Actors’ Reality” by Robert Epstein and has done script doctoring for other screenwriters.

Michelle is currently working on a multimedia performance piece combing stand-up and film and is pitching a drama series to cable with a dual-Emmy-winning producing partner.

She has just under 100 solo skydives.  She has twelve cats, seven dogs, four birds, two fish, two lizards and one rabbit.  Most of these pets are dead and reside in plastic containers in the back closet.  Those that are alive reside in the middle of her bed.  She hopes to get two more dogs tomorrow.  Oh, and two goats.

If she weren’t so gorgeous, she would be a huge pain in the butt because she lies so much.


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