The white & gray cat in the header photos is Sammy.  He came from the shelter.  The orange cat in the header photos is Phoenix.  We rescued him from teenagers who were trying to kill him; yet he loves all people, even strangers.

Michelle is gorgeous, slightly nuts and a pain in the butt.  Oh, yeah, she’s an author of:

  • SnarkMichelle Shy headshot
  • Humor
  • Poetry
  • Comedy
  • …and…Snark


Michelle (that’s me) is a poet and stand-up comic because she can’t keep a straight job.


Background:  I’ve been fired from 79 jobs.  The stories I’ve lived in  these weird and wonderful jobs–machinist, actor, filmmaker, software engineer, acting coach, executive management consultant, film festival director, envelope stuffer, chicken plucker, stripper, pothole counter, necktie folder, reporter, tool & die maker, cookie packer, life coach, comedy traffic school instructor–found themselves expressed in nasty poems and sad comedy routines.

Previously published: I’ve always written.  Stand-up comedy, performance art, screenplays with elements of insanity. Now I morph this work into formal books. I’ve written dozens of screenplays, a few of which are in discussions to be acquired by film producers.  Yay!

My books are all available on buy at amazon (each with a 5-star rating!) and other fine ebook retail sites.

What do editors, readers and critics have to say: …

“I consider DogKu, CatKu and WhatHaveU to be a highly evolved and contemporary version of the ancient Japanese poetry form.”

“This book is a must for anyone who has ever thought the world is going to h*ll in a hand-basket. It’s entertaining and, once started, cannot be put down.”

“I am a fan of Nicole Hollander and Sylvia cartoons and this book is so funny in a similar way!”

“Michele in her “take-no-prisoners” style of humor…”

“Michelle Shy’s senryus have a combination of intense impact, incisive commentary and poetic craft that sets her work apart.”

“Snarkyku is intelligent, funny, entertaining, and moving on a level of serious poetry. It is unforgettable”

“Wasabi for the soul.”

I have 10 cats, 4 dogs, 4 birds, 1 fish, 1 rabbit and 2 lizards.  Tomorrow I hope to get 2 more dogs.

…oh, if you want a real CV, click it here, baby…