Books by Michelle Shy


SnarkyKu cover image

A collection of crabby, cranky, grouchy, grumpy, mean, nasty, hateful and simply snotty senryu poems, embroidered with sarcastic cartoons by John Crowther.

Sample from the book
Sex lasts a half hour
But the resultant baby
Screams for eighteen months

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DogKu, CatKu and WhatHaveU

Snappy little senryu about and by animals.  Lovely illustrations by Roxanna Groves.

Sample from the book
Crash! At three A.M.
The cat’s on the chandelier
Throwing light bulbs down.

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The world is in a fucking mess and I’m writing snotty haiku about it.

Sample from the book
No, I’m serious
We only hire white men
And hot, young, blond chicks

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Short Attention Span Poetry

Poems that, like little snacks, can be gobbled up in under a minute.

A Crazy Cat Lady

A book of poems written by a NUT case.


Yeah, these mini-poems are all about angst, depression, pain, death and misery.  Have a good time reading them.